Two words about me

1970’s Class, last of five children, was born in Turin in a traditional and rather strict family from Piedmont’s mother doc and roman dad. Of exuberant and cheerful nature, from a little I was a plague always in motion and careless of dangers. Growing up, I have always given great importance to social relationships: so many friends and love for adventure, animals, travel and finally general curiosity for the world.

In 1993, I graduated with full marks at the European Design Institute of Turin in Graphics and Advertising, to begin working as a freelancer in the major Turin agencies before, and open a shared studio with photo friends, web designers, vidromaker in Via Stampatori, then. For more than 20 years that was my world.

In 2006, after a moment of intense reflection on my creative skills, I had the great opportunity to design my first garden. The passion for plants and gardens has always accompanied me, but I never imagined that one day it would become my job. Instead, as well as surprise reserve life, I took the opportunity to fly and within a few years I literally jumped into this new adventure. So much so, I joined the Agrarian Faculty and then I started to experience setting up gardens and terraces in Turin and the surrounding area. Collaboration with valued professionals has taught me a great deal not only about the secrets of the green, but also about small building jobs. Working in this field has developed a great sense of challenge in me too on “less feminine” tasks like driving the truck, using chainsaws, buckets, tractors and more!

Today life and experiences have led me to decide to live in the countryside, to cultivate my land and to continue to design websites, graphics, gardens, homes and everything that allows me to express my creativity in full.