Cultivation and processing of medicinal herbs and flowers

Lavender, rosemary, sage, saffron, roses, nettle, thyme, aloe vera, beeswax, honey. All essences cultivated directly by me and used for a small production of oleolites, natural soaps, balms, lotions and decoctions.
All homemade.

Lavender scented sachets

In modern phytotherapy, lavender is used as titrated dry extracts, infusion, essence, powders and mother tincture.

Bags to put in closets to remove insects and moths or to keep under the pillow against insomnia; Lavender also has a balmy action on the respiratory tract, which is why it is used effectively in the treatment of all colds: flu, cough, cold and phlegm.

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Infused oils

The oleolite is a vegetable oil in which a drug, a plant, has been macerated. The olelite retains all the properties of the plant that has been left to macerate and can be an excellent base for creams or ointments or it can be used pure for local application, as a moisturizing oil or as a massage.

Over time, the plant releases its precious nutrients and its finest substances in the oil.
The final result is an extraordinarily useful and versatile cosmetic oil, which can be used either pure or as a base to obtain creams, soaps and other cosmetics products.

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