A complete course to provide all the useful tools (theoretical and practical with scissors in hand) to be able to intervene on their roses in keeping with the specific characteristics of bearing, developing and rejuvenating each botanical group … To find out that a bush Of British roses behaves differently from a tapestry, a tea hybrid, an ancient or botanical rose and therefore requires different and specific pruning operations.

The course includes three meetings:
Duration: one day from 10 am to 5 pm
Cost: 50 euros per person – 130 euros for 3 courses


Duration: 1/2 day at 14.00-17.00
Cost: 25 euros per person – 60 euros for 3 courses

The cost includes welcome coffee or tea, lunch (excluding wines) and coffee break in mid afternoon.
Each participant will also be given the bundled deliveries of the course.

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February March
Pruning Course of Ancient Roses

Shaving a rose is a simple but delicate operation. Some basic principles must be known. Proper pruning will enhance the growth of the plant, strengthen its structure, harmonize its development, prevent and limit diseases, and stimulate new vegetation to achieve rich and spectacular blooms.

Ancient Rose Care Course

Some roses have a certain sensitivity to illness or parasitic attacks. It is not the case to be discouraged. All the pathologies, recognized to date, can be addressed and cured. Appropriate cultivation techniques, an optimal prevention with natural and biological substances and in that case, the application of targeted phyto-sanitary remedies will allow Rosa to be the prime of all flowers. The course aims to provide the necessary tools to ensure that even the mere amateur can get the most satisfaction from their plants, exalting their liveliness, vegetation and bloom.

Design Course

The course intends to deepen the choice of the place suitable for planting based on the characteristics of growth and development, soil and exposure. We also propose a bunch of different varieties to design the space with spots or other shrubs.


If you have children and you want to bring them, we can arrange a babysitting service with a specialist educator for the three-hour course at a cost of 5.00 Euros per child.

It is advisable to have comfortable clothing (and warm in winter), gloves and garden scissors. Every meeting is closed and the reservation is essential to participate.
The dates are indicative, will be confirmed on the basis of climatic conditions a few days before.