In 2019 winter I enrolled in a beekeeping course held by Aspromiele, the association, so, out of curiosity.
Friends, who have been dealing with bees for many years, have always told me about this wonderful experience, but I didn’t realize how wonderful caring for bees was.
The society of bees is a perfect society: individuals are important but alone they could not exist. Everyone has a well-defined role and they are tireless workers for the good of the family.

The desire to breed them stems from curiosity, but above all from the drive to safeguard these precious insects seriously endangered by climate change and pesticide abuse by unconscious farmers.
Einstein said that without the bees we can only survive for three years.
It is a duty to protect them.

Entering the world of bees means changing your rhythm, you need to be calm and relaxed to handle the combs: bees feel fear or anxiety. Once the protective suit is worn, the fear of being points passes and everything takes another rhythm, their buzz becomes a relaxing, almost cathartic sound!

Learning more and more the different types of farming, I have. decided to try the Top Bar Hive, an ancient case used in Africa where bees completely build the honeycomb, without pre-made waxy sheets. The work for them is greater, but they are very close to their natural behavior. The choice of keeping bees is dictated not only by the production of honey, but by the desire to observe them and teach others what I have learned!