How is a bee made, how does life happen in the hive, how does it behave when it arrives on the flower, how do we get honey? What are the tasks of the explorer, worker, nurse, ventilator, guardian? How do they communicate with each other?

In the classroom activity the children will come to know what honey and other bee products are, how they are born and why they are considered an excellent food also for other animals (including humans). With the help of graphic and audiovisual material, they will be able to approach the world of bees. The students will also be provided with tools to interpret the labels of food products, thus providing a key for critical food consumption.

Through the glasses of the teaching hive, in complete safety, the children will be able to see the movements of the bees on the frame, recognizing the males from the worker bees.

Finally, the children will see the tools used for observing families in the apiary, collecting honey, and tasting honey on bread.

We offer a welcome snack and a mid-afternoon snack with homemade bread and honey.

Suitable for: children
Participants (min – max): 5 – 20
Time slot: 10:00 – 12:30
Cost per child: 15.00 euros
Equipment required: Comfortable country clothing.

Do you want to participate with the school or with your children?
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