TerrEmerse was born from the desire to create something aesthetically beautiful for the territory but which at the same time enhances and promotes it. The project has concretely developed into a circuit of sculptural installations that speak of the territory in a multidisciplinary way, effectively contextualized in the landscape and economic site, becoming works that narrate the history and values of that place.

Monferrato, in fact, boasts a long and interesting geological history whose origins are submerged by the sea. Precisely from this concept was born the idea of reviving those ancient marine inhabitants in their place of origin, however today replaced by soft hills, rows and vineyards which recall the ancient sea with their undulating movement.

The installations are works by the sculptor Giorgia Sanlorenzo and the material chosen for the sculptural production is iron, transformed through various processes, which must create a notable detachment from the nature that surrounds it but, thanks to false rusting and oxidation treatments, try to return to be a living part of that territory. The function of the sculptural installation is not only aesthetic and narrative but also that of connection with cultural and naturalistic sites and local activities, enhancing the synergy between public and private; furthermore, the installation sites are included in routes (trekking, cycling, horse riding, quads, etc.) with tourist value and high environmental sustainability.

Cascina Vicentini bought one. Number 14

Access is free, you can come and see it via the orchard. It is possible to request a personalized stamp of the work by asking Cascina Vicentini

On https://www.terremersemonferrato.it you can find the map to see them all.