In 2014 I opened Cascina Vicentini in Sanico, Alfiano Natta, on the hills of the Alessandria area of Monferrato on the border with Asti, and here I decide to realize my dream: to open a nursery of old and collectible roses.
Today I grow over 60 species of uncommon ancient roses that I sell here in the nursery, at fairs and online on this site.

The farm also produces fruit and vegetables (not treated but still not certified Bio) directly for sale here in the Cascina, or used to prepare cakes and breakfasts for guests of the B&B.

In 2019 I started raising bees: here I tell you about my adventure and the beginning of a great passion.

Realizing a dream.

The renovation of the 800 year old farmhouse is as ecologically friendly as possible. Using biological materials, earth based, natural lime plasters and reopening two wells to provide water for the garden.
The hot water is produced by solar panels, placed in the garden and the electricity by photovoltaic panels. The heating is underfloor, being efficient, effective and retaining the authentic look of the farm house.