Botanical roses

Approximately 160 species of “Rose” (Rose origin) species have been classified, which have evolved into the basis of thousands of natural mutations and man-controlled mutations (hybrids). They are now cultivated on all continents. 70% of them originate from Asia and mainly from China and the Himalayas. 30% comes from the Middle East, Europe, North Africa and America. Botanists and gardener were captured by the charm of these species by reproducing them in habitats other than those of origin and attributing their name to them. So today it is possible to admire these species and the many varieties that come from them in Rosets all over the world. There are so many qualities and benefits of this important group of roses: rusticity and adaptability to habitats other than originals, vigor and ease to extend naturally and cover large surfaces for the general feature of breeding, the charm of Simple blossoms in the shapes, bold in the shades that cover the shrub from base to top, versatility in seasons with foliage tinting in autumn colors, presence of fruits (cinorrodi) of shapes and different colors (from yellow to all ‘Orange to red to purple to black) that make them ornamental in the winter months, their self-sufficiency requiring minimal human intervention as in the case of diseases which appear to be totally immune and the pruning that is only needed in rare and Sporadic cases.

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